DITTO(Dominion In and Through True Onesness) is a fellowship of Women in Ministry and Pastor's wives coming together through a spirit of oneness. These women are focused in:
One Mind-  The Kingdom Business: Networking to fufill plans and purposes of God with no secret agendas.
One Purpose- The Kings Glorification: Glorifying God and not ones self.
One Attitude - The kingsman Responsibility: Setting an example worthy of emulation. 
One Bond - The "Korninia" Relationship: An authentic manifestation of love among friends as if they were natural family.
Women who have the revelation of the "one another principle" in the Word that unites hearts connects faith and couples vision. Psalm 133:1

As women unite together in spirit, soul, and body; they will pool together their wisdom, expression and their individuality to sharpen one another- "as iron sharpen iron"- as they successfully fulfill their God given purpose.  Would you say DITTO to that? DITTO!
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