What is MTM?
 MTM is the acronym for the Mastery Through Mentorship Program.
What is the Goal of MTM?

It is said that when it comes to leadership, more is "caught" than "taught": The goal of the MTM program is to provide an environment in which participants are exposed to a role model or example of what they desire to become in a tangible, real-life way.  Jesus invited his protégés to take His yoke upon them and learn of Him, not just from Him. It is a relational learning environment as opposed to traditional learning environment.  Dr. Jennifer Johnson will take a personal interest in the protégés reaching their God-given potential.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who is willing to influence another through coaching, counseling, and challenging them to reach their greatest potential by considering their graces and the giftings upon their lives.  A mentor desires to utilize the experience, knowledge, and insight given him or her to accelerate and enhance the advancement of another.

What is a Protégé?

A Protégé is one who is willing to allow another to influence their life for personal and professional growth by pursuing, receiving, applying, and reproducing that which is imparted by their mentor. 

Who is MTM designed for?

One who has a genuine desire, and who is willing to make an unwavering commitment towards a direction in life that will bring them to a new level of competence and confidence in their calling.  Whether you are in five-fold ministry, a ministers wife, a leader, or an aspiring leader, MTM may be what you have been searching for.

Through MTM the Protégé will be:
  • Enlightened
  • Encouraged
  • Extended
  • Endowed
Can you have more than one mentor?

Yes, God places mentors into our lives for different purposes and seasons. Mentors may also have varying degrees of expertise, experience and accessibility depending upon their assignment. MTM will simply enhance the protégé in his or her advancement without demanding a permanent association. 

5 Areas of Concentration for Participants
  • protégé-mentor
  • peer group interaction
  • personal motivation
  • public performance
  • peer group leader(internship)
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